3D and web applications are powerful tools in many areas. Here are a some examples where we find them particularly useful:
Top Architecture
Architecture Building contractors and architects are without doubt among those who can benefit the most from the use of 3D visualisation. Creating computer models have several advantages compared to drawings and miniature-models. The costs are generally lower, the distribution is easier and maybe most importantly, the 3D-model is dynamic which means that it can be altered and updated throughout a project.

3D-models are suitable for any project, whether it be large or small.

Apart from creating complete 3D models, we also assist architects in improving existing models. Many architects have basic knowledge of creating models, but turning them into realistic images requires many skills such as lighting-technique and photo-matching.

Top Simulator systems
Simulator systems Simulations which let the user interact with a 3D environment in real-time are known as Virtual Reality or VR simulations. The technique might not be suitable for all applications but can be a very powerful tool in certain projects.

Together with our partner, Nöjdhs Elektronik AB, WireFrame has developed an advanced simulator for the Swedish submarine base in Karlskrona. The project has earned international recognition and has already been used to train submarine crews from Sweden, Denmark and Singapore.

WireFrame produces the graphical interface, a highly advanced VR system with impressive features. The tactical command has full control over several parameters including weather conditions, waves, multiple targets and visuals.

Top Product presentation
Product presentation How do you demonstrate a product that doesn't exist?

With 3D-modelling we can create images, films and simulations that do not only show the product in a realistic way but also make it possible to demonstrate movement and functions.

This means that a company can distribute informative marketing material at very early stages of a project and receive instant feedback from the market. Product alterations can be made earlier and at lower costs than before.

Top Industrial applications
Industrial applications Computerized models can be used to simulate virtually anything. Many industries can benefit from different simulations. The technique can be applied to simulate airflow, lighting conditions, space etc.

Imagine that a company is building a new factory with parts from several different manufacturers. The blueprints of each machine come in different forms and scale which makes it virtually impossible to predict how the assembled machines will look and work in the factory. Using 3D visualisation, we can create a computer-model and show what the assembled machines will look like. With a VR-simulation, the entrepreneur can take a virtual walk through the factory and discover potential problems before even ordering the parts. It goes without saying that time and money will be saved.

Top Instruction manuals
Instruction manuals An interactive 3D model is a powerful and pedagogic tool when it comes to creating manuals and assembly instructions.

A 3d-model is more informative than a static model and can be presented in several different ways. This means that each user can be presented with individual information, e.g. different languages, difficulty levels etc.

Top Web
Web When the Internet has become the most important and effective method for communication between companies and clients it is vitally important to have an informative and representative website. Presenting your company via the Internet has several advantages compared to other media:
  • The distribution is global and cost efficient.

  • A website can contain vast amounts of information.

  • Each visitor can be presented with customized information.

  • The content is dynamic. Changes and updates can be made within minutes.

  • The Internet is interactive which, as opposed to other means of marketing, opens for two-way communication. Your clients can search for information, give feedback and make orders directly on the website.

  • Our custom made administration-tools make it possible for anyone with just basic computer knowledge to service and update their own website.

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