Selected projects
Below is only limited information about a few selected projects. For more examples and more information on each project please visit the swedish page.

Bo mitt i stan - Addemotion/Peab
Swedish building contractor Peab are building new flats in central Helsingborg of southern Sweden. Their marketing partner, Addemotion, asked WireFrame to produce realistic images to visualise both the exterior of the buildings and different kitchen choices.

For more information visit
Road 102 - Swedish Road Administration
The Swedish Road Administration (SRA) are making considerable changes to the traffic environment in the scanian village of Veberöd.

WireFrame produced a short film that visualises some of these changes in the western outskirts of the village.
Animation - Milab Microphones
To help promote a new digital microphone, the DM-1001, Milab ordered an animated film from WireFrame.

Visit Milab Microphones at
PerSim - Swedish navy
Swedish navy
Swedish navy

Since the fall of 2001 WireFrame has played an important part in the development of an advanced submarine simulator system for the Swedish Navy located in Karlskrona. WireFrame is responsible for the design and development of the graphical 3d-interface.

The simulator is an important part of an international training project called Riken and has already served as a training utility for submarine-crews from Sweden, Denmark and Singapore.

In addition to it's realistic graphical interface, the simulator is packed with advanced features. The tactical command has full control over several parameters including weather conditions, waves, multiple targets and visuals.

Other companies involved in the project are Nöjdhs Elektronik and T-kartor. The simulator is constantly being upgraded with new and improved features.
Dockan - PEAB, JM AB and Wihlborgs AB
Three of Scandinavia's largest building contractors have joined together in the making of an impressive residential area and workplace surrounding Malmoe's western dock - Dockan. Inspired by the London Docklands, Dockan aims to become one of the most attractive and interesting places to live and work in northern Europe.

WireFrame has provided extensive 3d-animation and images for the marketing of Dockan. Check it out at
Videdal - JM AB, Sweden
JM AB is building a new residential area in Videdal, Malmö and has contracted WireFrame for the design and communication of this exciting new project via the Internet. The project is a perfect example of the versatility of WireFrame. Not only have we produced realistic animations and images, but also an interactive website that can be administered and updated by the sales representative at JM without any help from us.

Visit the website at
Fixa Hemma - Interlätt AB
Fixa Hemma
The websimulation Fixa Hemma, created for Interlatt AB, is an innovative tool where the user can move freely in a virtual house and apply changes to the interior in realtime. The options include the changing of floors, colours, wallpapers, tiles and more.

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