The TN Development group

TN Development group

WireFrame AB has an expertise in computer modelling such as animating equipment and environments. They are an important link for Nöjdhs Elektronik in their work with simulator system development.

Nöjdhs Elektronik AB is working with customer specific development and design in the field of electronic and eletrical systems. Among the products DC/AC-converters and simulator systems could be mentioned.

Nojdhs Underwater Technology PTE LTD is Nöjdhs Elektronik´s agent on the Asian market. It is responsible for maintenance and repair of equipment delivered by Nöjdhs Elektronik. It also assists with education, trouble shooting and improvements regarding electrical equipment on the submarines.

Milab Microphones AB produces and develops high quality microphones, well known worldwide. Milab is our production facility for special electronics, while Nöjdhs Elektronik assist Milab in electronic design and software development.

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